The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology (MBIT) is an academic Roman Catholic institution which is committed to offering transformative experiences for all its students.

While our primary mission is to educate and theologically empower women in Church, we are also committed to serving society at large and to provide the opportunity to study on what promotes the common good locally, nationally, and globally.

We provide a space for theological reflection and spiritual formation for anyone who wishes to study at our Institute.

We are a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF).

In 2018/19 we celebrate our Silver Jubilee. To find out more, please download our Jubilee Newsletter.

Our latest Institute newsletter can be downloaded: Easter Newsletter

News, Upcoming Events and Vacancies

We are now recruiting for volunteer receptionists to be part of our MBIT community. Further details can be found here.

Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies, recruiting now for modules in 2020.

Jesus' Ancestresses in Word and Art: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary, Thursday afternoons course, 16th January–6th February 2020. Course leader: Dr Rosalie Moloney. To apply, please contact our administrator using the online form, by email (mbitadm@hermes.cam.ac.uk) or by phone (01223741039). £170 for the course.

Living the Life of Christ: Engaging the Imagination in Spiritual Practice, Thursday afternoons course, 13th February–5 March 2020Course leader: Dr Louise Nelstrop. To apply, please contact our administrator using the online form, by email (mbitadm@hermes.cam.ac.uk) or by phone (01223741039). £170 for the course.










Research Skills in Theology: Theological Writing in Contemporary ContextSeminar led by Prof Michael Barnes SJ on the following Wednesday afternoons in the Stonehill Room, MBIT. 1.30–3.30pm. The series is intended mainly for research students, but others are also welcome. Please contact Prof Barnes to enquire, and to register (mbarnessj@jesuit.org.uk).

Jan 15th 2020: Theology - styles and ‘publics’

Jan 29th 2020: Method in theology

Feb 12th 2020: Scripture and hermeneutics

March 4th 2020: Tradition and Authority