Dr Anna Abram

Dr Anna Abram

Co Principal

I see theological education as an interactive exchange between different sources of Wisdom, practical spheres of life and each other. Theology, if it is done well, is formative and transformative. It can help us grow morally and spiritually as well as expand the well-being of our local and global world. At the Institute, while attempting to become responsible partakers in the divine life, we engage in complex and open theological thinking. We make Catholic theology relevant.

Anna teaches ‘Moral Development, Reasoning and Decision Making’ and ‘Ethics in Professional Context’. Her subject area is ethics and key specialism include virtue ethics, the relationship between morality and theistic spirituality, theological and global ethics.

Previous roles

  • Head of Pastoral and Social Studies Department, Senior Lecturer in Ethics/Christian Ethics, Heythrop College, University of London
  • Core Lecturer in Moral Theology, Missionary Institute London, Middlesex University
  • Visiting Lecturer in ‘Foundations in Philosophy and Moral Theology’ (Permanent Diaconate Formation Programme, St Mary’s University, Twickenham)

Other roles

  • Member of the Executive Board of the Cambridge Theological Federation
  • Co-editor (together with Janusz Salamon) of Bloomsbury Studies in Global Ethics
  • Associate Editor of European Journal for Philosophy of Religion(Innsbruck University, Austria)
  • English Language Editor of Spoleczenstwo I Rodzina (Society and Family, John Paul II Catholic University, Lublin, Poland)

 Recent Publications

  • ‘Ecclesial Ethics – A Way Forward? Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Forum, 29 September 2019.
  • Education for Truth in a Climate of Fake News: Conversation with Thomas Aquinas, Bernard Williams, Wolfgang Künne and Pope Francis’, Louvain Studies 42 (2019), 3–25.
  • ‘The Future of Catholic Theological Ethics’, guest editor of the special issue of Religions, January 2018,
  • ‘The Eye of Love’: Philosophy, Theology and the Jesuit Tradition (co-ed. with Peter Gallagher SJ and Michael Kirwan SJ), Bloomsbury 2017
  • ‘The Maxim of the Moon’ and the Lived Experience of Religious Belief: An Ethical Revision of Thornhill-Miller’s and Millican’s Second Order Religion. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 8 (2016), 239–250
  • ’Moral Imagination and the Art of Solidarity’ in Janusz Salamon (ed.), in Solidarity Beyond Borders: Ethics in a Globalising World (Bloomsbury Studies in Global Ethics), London: Bloomsbury 2015, pp 47–66
  • From ‘Lacking’ to ‘Perfecting’ Humanity: Soteriology in Philosophy.  Studia Bobolanum 4 (2015), p. 199–210