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“The Margaret Beaufort Institute encompasses three of the things closest to my heart: the Catholic Church, education and women. I firmly believe that the work of the Gospel, like the work of politics or law, needs more than goodwill.”

Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC

Dr Amy Daughton, Director of Studies

Amy Daughton is a theologian with research interests in intercultural hermeneutics and ethics.  Her teaching duties have included systematic and mystical theology.

Her PhD research examined the work of Paul Ricoeur and the ways in which systematic theology might add to his understanding of the ethics of the self and other.  Specifically, this was a discussion around the usefulness of analogical language for conceiving identity within a multicultural context of translation and the exchange of memories.

Previous roles

  • Research scholar at Trinity College Dublin
  • Officer for youth participation for Cardiff County Council

Amy’s current project is the publication of her PhD, but she is also hoping to develop a clearer contribution to the concept of dialogue as it is understood in intercultural and inter-religious communication.


"I believe that learning about theology in and with a community should be about learning to use that theology. Whether this is in a pastoral or a civic context, we are called to be able to give of the best of our tradition. One of our roles as theologians then is also to help seek for theology a properly reflective role in public discourse. We must speak with a supportive and critical voice."