Anna, Susan and Oonagh

“The Margaret Beaufort Institute encompasses three of the things closest to my heart: the Catholic Church, education and women. I firmly believe that the work of the Gospel, like the work of politics or law, needs more than goodwill.”

Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC

Dr Oonagh O’Brien, Principal August 2011 - March 2017, currently Visiting Lecturer

A theologian whose speciality is ecclesiology and ministry, Oonagh’s research interests span theologies of laity, collaborative ministry, the renewal of Church life and pastoral theology.

Oonagh has wide experience of teaching theology and religious studies, both nationally and internationally.

    Previous roles:
  • Research scholar at the University of Limerick
  • Co-coordinator and pastoral theologian with the Archdiocese of Dublin
  • Facilitator for parishes and dioceses involved in renewal, development and change.

Her publications include Parish Leadership Groups (Columba Press 2001). Her current research is focused on the theology and practices of lay life and lay ministry. She is working on a project to map the development of lay life as a form of discipleship and ministry in the Church in England and Wales.

Dr Oonagh O’Brien, Director of Studies

“Having been born while the Second Vatican Council was happening, my growing up and career have been very much about living in, and now helping to teach, implement, research and develop, the fundamental principles of Vatican II. I’m especially interested in the role of lay people in the Church, and the development of theology and structures to enable, support and sustain collaborative ministries in the life of the Church.”