“I chose Margaret Beaufort because it provided challenging courses and a unique environment for a Catholic woman – and because Cambridge is an amazing place to study.”

Katrina Avery

Courses and research degrees

We offer a unique range of vocational and academic courses, both full and part-time. More detail on starred courses can be found on the Cambridge Theological Federation website.

Margaret Beaufort Certificate: Life and Service in the Catholic Tradition.

Diploma in Theology for Ministry (University of Cambridge).
Full or part-time.

BTh for Ministry (University of Cambridge).

BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Durham University)

MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Durham University).

Both these degrees have early exits at Certificate and Diploma levels.

MPhil (University of Cambridge).

PrD Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (Anglia Ruskin University).
Mixed mode or part-time.

PhD (Anglia Ruskin University or University of Cambridge).
Full or part-time.

Cambridge graduation: Debbie Murphy

Cambridge graduation: Debbie Murphy