Admission Requirements

General conditions for admission

There are general conditions for admission that apply to all students regardless of course, and to independent students who put together an individual programme. Each course also has its own specific admissions requirements, given below.

  1. The Institute admits women students who wish to study as a member of this Catholic House within the ecumenical Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF). Most of our students are Catholic, but individuals from other Christian denominations have studied with us and we welcome such applications.
  2. The Institute also welcomes applications from Catholic men at doctoral level.
  3. Individuals seeking admission to the Margaret Beaufort Institute must possess the general educational background appropriate to admission to university or other tertiary level programmes.
  4. The nature of the programmes on offer, integrating theology with pastoral practice, means that most students in the Institute and the CTF are over the age of 21. Again, there have been individual exceptions to this norm who have benefited from and succeeded on the courses. Applicants under the age of 21 who are attracted to any of the courses on offer are invited to make informal contact to discuss their interest.
  5. The Institute is seeking to admit students who will themselves benefit from the opportunity to combine study with membership of a community of prayer and worship.
  6. The Institute is seeking to admit students who have an intention to serve the Church's mission to the world, even though the form that service may take is not yet known to them.
  7. All students on taught courses leading to a university award normally take the compulsory Margaret Beaufort course, Life and Service in the Catholic Tradition.
  8. Students are advised that the Institute's women-only policy applies to students but not to staff, research scholars, doctoral students, sabbatical visitors or to residency.

Specific admission requirements

All CTF programmes carry specific admissions requirements which applicants to the Margaret Beaufort Institute must fulfill before the Institute can reccommend their application to the validating university. For details of those requirements see specific course pages on the CTF website.