Admissions Procedure

Our admissions process is designed to secure a close match between:

  • The opportunity the Institute offers
  • The interests and aptitudes of the individual
  • The potential for service, widely defined, to the Church.

Decisions are made taking into account all the information and the applicant's full profile.

  • UK enquirers are invited for an informal visit to meet staff and students, to see the environment and be introduced to the ecumenical nature of teaching in the Federation; the requirements of the Institute's house-based teaching and community life; and financial and funding issues. The application form is also discussed.
  • Our application form includes a reflective section designed to help interviewer and interviewee assess suitability.
  • In situations where more information is required to make a decision, applicants may be asked to submit a piece of written work.  This is a formal requirements for all Cambridge University applications.
  • Once a formal application is received, applicants are invited for interview. The admissions panel is normally two members of the teaching staff.
  • References are required and must be able to cover academic suitability, pastoral experience or aptitude, and commitment to the Catholic Church.
  • If the Margaret Beaufort Institute accepts an applicant, then the applicant will be recommended to apply, via the Institute, to the particular programme in question.  This will involve a further formal application form and supporting documentation including but not limited to transcripts, references, passport/visa evidence.
  • In the case of applicants from overseas, the Institute will make every effort to conduct an interview in the applicant's country with a person who is familiar with the Institute, and able to make a recommendation to the admissions panel.  In all cases a video interview (skype, for example) will be an additional requirement where an in-person visit to the Institute is not possible.

For an application form, please contact our administrator.