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Mary Ward Lecture 2021: God, Desire and the Meaning of Life by Prof Fiona Ellis

On 1st  February, Professor Fiona Ellis (Roehampton University, UK) spoke on the topic of 'Meaning, Desire and God: An Expansive Naturalistic Approach'. The lectures started with the overview of two categories of approaches: atheistic/naturalistic and theistic/supernaturalistic. Then explored the 'desire solution' of Richard Taylor, proposed in his 'Good and Evil' (1970), identified a number of difficulties with Taylor's position and his critique of the religious framework, and ended with references to Friedrich Nietzsche and Robert Pippin. To view the lecture please visit Margaret Beaufort Institute's YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Who is Sophia?

Jackie Tevlin, a Margaret Beaufort Institute student submitted this lovely poem after attending Sophia Study Day in November 2020 led by Dominic White OP.  Thank you, Jackie! Who is Sophia? And where is she now? i. Leaf green prancing playfully in the early Summer breeze Sighs wistfully with a longing for today to be still Be held by O! Creator God of the unseasonal falling Let us revere Your Majesty in this sense of place It is not Autumn’s season yet It is not the turning of the page And it is not time for us to die. ii.  [...]

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Where Have All the Children Gone?

This article  by Dr Sue Price appears in Pastoral Review Vol 17 Issue 1 January/February/March 2021 Introduction My heart rejoiced the other Sunday, as I was sitting in a pew, appropriately socially distanced from anyone else, wearing my mask, feeling alone, when I heard a baby cry from somewhere behind me.  At last, a normal, everyday sound full of hope and life.  I have so missed the sight and sound of children at mass, the ‘wrigglies’ as one priest called them.  I have missed the running up and down the aisle, the busy colouring in, the dropped crayons, rice [...]

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How Do I Look? Theology in the Age of the Selfie

The video recording of the launch of Dominic White’s book, including a response by Catherine Pickstock, Norris Hulse Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge is now available on the Margaret Beaufort Institute YouTube channel at Living in the age of the retouchable selfie, the issue of how one presents oneself to the world has never been more critical for those navigating the world of social media.  In this book, Dominic While asks how might the long tradition of the Christian gaze, found in scripture, art, theology and philosophy speak into this selfie generation?  What , in this context, might [...]

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