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Advanced Study Skills for Research Students

We offer supportive study skills seminars for research students. Those outside of the Margaret Beaufort Insititute student community. Our own students get priority, but all are welcome if places are available. Please contact Dr Férdia Stone-Davis to enquire:

Thinking beyond the particular: regenerating academic practices through the (extra)curricula

In this course we will read and discuss intersectionality in academic research practices. Our goal is to examine this topic by questioning strategies of knowledge production. To do so we will invite in voices less heard in academic spaces, exploring the politics of citation. How and who do we cite in our research and curriculum? We will encourage you to think beyond shibboleths, sharing pragmatic strategies on how to move beyond borders and boundaries in teaching and research. Drawing from bell hook’s theoretical explorations of teaching to transgress we will subject out knowledge practices to a decolonizing critique.

Course Leaders: Dr Charissa Granger and Dr Férdia Stone-Davis

When: 8th March 2021, 1–5pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: £10

Seminar Series: Research Skills in Theology

Academic writing in theology. How to begin?

Michaelmas term

7th October 2020, 1–3pm: What is a PhD anyway? Identifying a research question and getting started.

21st Oct 2020, 1–3pm: Academic writing: working within a discipline, building a structure and crafting the appropriate style.

4th November 2020, 1–3pm: Project and time management: discipline, deadlines and planning ahead.

18th November 2020, 1–3pm: Methods, methodologies and being methodical: identifying and ordering the material.

Theological Writing. Theology in dialogue

Lent term

20th January 2021, 1–3pm: Scripture and Community in dialogue with tradition, memory and hope

3rd February 2021, 1–3pm: Mystical theology in dialogue with spirituality, liturgy and patterns of holy living

17th Feb 2021, 1–3pm: Missionary theology or Missiology  in dialogue with culture and religion

3rd March 2021, 1–3pm: Philosophical theology in dialogue with the exercise of reason

Theological Writing. Theology in dialogue

Easter term

28th April 2021, 1–3pm: Pastoral theology in dialogue with catechesis, leadership and the life of community

12th May 2021, 1–3pm: Political theology in dialogue with society and centres of power

Course Leader: Prof Michael Barnes SJ

Where: Online via Zoom (additionally in person when possible)

Cost: Free

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