Current Research Students

Loretta Brennan (DProf, Anglia Ruskin University) is designing pedagogical strategies based on Lonergan’s transcendental method for teaching ethics in a corrupt society

Susanne Carlsson (DProf, Anglia Ruskin University)
Exploring the Ignatian religious life for an Anglican community

Jane Gonzalez (DProf, Anglia Ruskin University)
The role of the laity in the changing nature of Catholic parish life

Pavlína Kašparová (PhD, Anglia Ruskin University)
The use of light installation in contemporary ecclesiastical art

Antonia Lynn (DProf, Anglia Ruskin University)
Encounter, Conversion, Mission: How the dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises could be a useful resource for formation of Ordinariate Catholics as missionary disciples

Rosalie Moloney (PhD, University of Cambridge)
Tamar Genesis 38

Sue Price (PhD, Anglia Ruskin University)
Hearing the Silent Speak: An exploration into the Silent Spirituality of Severely Disabled Children

Jordan Pullicino (PhD, Anglia Ruskin University)
How can Catholic charismatic experience contribute to the development of a theology of the laity?

Prada Yordanova Trabattoni (PhD, Anglia Ruskin University)
Estranged Brothers: Are Times mature for unity between Catholic and Orthodox Churches?