Employment and Vocational Pathways

When the Institute was established, one of the main questions asked was, ‘But what will they do with all this education and formation?’

This question is still a challenge for the whole Church. How will the Church enable collaborative ministry between priest and people? How will the baptismal calling of each Christian to become priest, prophet and king be realised? There are no easy answers, and the questions have become more, not less, urgent.

On the other hand, there are now many more openings for graduates to make use of their knowledge, skills and experience. Some have continued in their chosen professions with a renewed sense of it as a Christian calling. Many have deepened their involvement in parishes or Catholic organisations, as collaborators in the mission and ministry of the Church. Yet others are seeking ways to serve God and the Church as their primary work.

Here are some of the vocations and employment that graduates have either resumed or taken up.

In the UK:

  • Full-time parish pastoral assistant
  • Editor of the Catholic monthly journal The Ark
  • Running workshops on prayer and reconciliation, and diocesan days of renewal and recollection
  • Worker in a Women’s Aid Refuge in Suffolk
  • Roman Catholic Chaplain in a high security hospital
  • Ecumenical Assistant Chaplain, York prison
  • Prison chaplaincy in Cambridgeshire
  • Religious Education teacher, state secondary school
  • Hospital chaplaincy
  • Novice director for her religious community
  • Diocesan Adult Education Director
  • Diocesan Co-ordinator for Pastoral Team
  • Spiritual director
  • Director of training with the Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism
  • Full-time member of Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism
  • Chaplaincy in a Roman Catholic Sixth Form College
  • Godly Play for children and young people
  • Youth Retreat assistant
  • University Chaplaincy
  • Interfaith lead in Hospice work
  • Running own company taking Christian tours to the Holy Land with peace and justice focus.


  • Director of Aids Hospice in Zambia
  • Provincial of the Loreto Sisters in East Africa
  • Commissioned to the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Team, Australia
  • Translating Vatican documents for Archdiocese of Riga, Latvia
  • Justice and Peace worker in Archdiocese of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Headmistress of a Girls High School in Nigeria
  • Academic and doctoral supervisor in Nairobi, Kenya