MBIT Zoom Seminars on Pope Francis

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MBIT Zoom Seminars on Pope Francis

We are celebrating 7 years of Pope Francis’s pontificate by offering two sets of seminars. The July seminars will seek to identify what lies at the heart of Pope Francis’ pontificate. They will consider questions such as who is Pope Francis? What motivates him? What is the central focus and direction of his service as ‘Bishop of Rome’ in the universal Church? Pope Francis’ own words and actions, as well as his key texts, enable us to understand and appreciate more fully his vision for the Church and its future.

The October seminars will continue to develop themes touched on in Pope Francis’ programmatic document, The Joy of the Gospel. This includes the importance he gives to synods and prayerful discernment as key elements in the renewal of a Church that should not be selfreferential but should ‘go forth’. Themes such as the ‘care of our common home ‘and the dignity and equality of all’ will be considered.

Led by: Dr Peter Coughlan

Dates: 8th, 15th and 22nd July 2020, 7th, 14th and 21st October 2020.

All will take place between 10am–12pm.

Where: Online via Zoom

To book please email mbitadm@hermes.cam.ac.uk.


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