Seminar Series: Research Skills in Theology

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Seminar Series: Research Skills in Theology

Academic writing in theology. How to begin?

Michaelmas term

7th October 2020, 1–3pm: What is a PhD anyway? Identifying a research question and getting started.

21st Oct 2020, 1–3pm: Academic writing: working within a discipline, building a structure and crafting the appropriate style.

4th November 2020, 1–3pm: Project and time management: discipline, deadlines and planning ahead.

18th November 2020, 1–3pm: Methods, methodologies and being methodical: identifying and ordering the material.

Theological Writing. Theology in dialogue

Lent term

20th January 2021, 1–3pm: Scripture and Community in dialogue with tradition, memory and hope

3rd February 2021, 1–3pm: Mystical theology in dialogue with spirituality, liturgy and patterns of holy living

17th Feb 2021, 1–3pm: Missionary theology or Missiology  in dialogue with culture and religion

3rd March 2021, 1–3pm: Philosophical theology in dialogue with the exercise of reason

Theological Writing. Theology in dialogue

Easter term

28th April 2021, 1–3pm: Pastoral theology in dialogue with catechesis, leadership and the life of community

12th May 2021, 1–3pm: Political theology in dialogue with society and centres of power

Course Leader: Prof Michael Barnes SJ

Where: Online via Zoom (additionally in person when possible)

Cost: Free

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