“Sharing of community in a very real way - the laughter, the shared meals and liturgy and shared experience as well as good shared teaching.”

Student Feedback 2010

Public events and courses

Global Ethics Intensive Course 27-29 September 2018
Thursday 27 September 2018 -

We cordially invite you to join the’ Introducing Global Ethics’ 3-day course at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology (MBIT) in Cambridge, led by Prof Janusz Salamon.

About the course

The course will introduce you to the dynamically growing field of global ethics. "Global ethics" is an interdisciplinary endeavour aiming at providing individual and collective decision makers (such as governments, companies, NGO's or churches) with tools of cross-culturally valid analysis of the global ethical challenges. The course will include only as much theory of global ethics as is absolutely necessary in order to appreciate the complexity of the real-life ethical problems faced at present by humanity in the areas of global politics and economy, as well as in countless individual lives marked by injustice, unfreedom and destitution. While avoiding the reductionist temptation to play down inter-cultural differences in order to bring out cross-cultural commonalities in various ethical traditions, the course will explore possibilities of a genuinely global consensus with regard to the ethical questions that can be addressed only by humankind as a whole.

For more information and a booking form please see this document.


Wednesday 07 November 2018 -

WEDNESDAYS: 7, 14 and 21 November 2018

We invite you to join the ‘Spirituality, Religion and Ethics in the Prison Service’ course at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, 12 Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DU.

'A three-day interactive and interdisciplinary course, designed to explore the themes of spirituality, religion and ethics in the prison system. Topics studied will include: the ‘human person’, ‘faith and beliefs’, ‘values, goods and the common good’,  ‘justice and care’, ‘exclusion and healing’ as well ‘moral imagination and character of the prison service professional’.  The course aims to offer the prison service staff (chaplains, in particular) and anyone interested in current debates around religion, violence, punishment, healing and restoration some resources for a better understanding of these issues'.

Each day will start at 9.30 am (coffee and registration; lecturers will begin at 10 am and will end at 4.00 pm. Teas, coffees as well as sandwich lunch will be provided.

Attendance Certificates will be issued at the end of the course.

Fee: £200

Bursaries are available - please contact Dr Anna Abram, Principal aa2008@cam.ac.uk  to find out whether you are eligible.

To register or find out more about the course, please email the Institute’s Administrator, Ela Wolbek (ew263@cam.ac.uk).

Registration Deadline: 10 October 2018. Places are limited so register early to avoid disappointment.

Venue: The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology,
12 Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DU