International Students

We welcome applications from international students. We appreciate the contribution that students from other parts of the world and other parts of the Catholic Church make to the learning experience and to the community.

Over the years we have had students from Latvia, the United States of America, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, Uganda and Ghana.

For international students considering study at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, here is a link to some of the frequently asked questions about applying which include queries about visa issues in relation to Cambridge Theological Federation programmes:

Look for these questions:

  • From outside of the European Union, how will I find out about the need for a visa?
  • What type of visa do I need?
  • Will the Federation arrange my visa for me?

We warmly welcome follow up enquiries to the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology from international applicants, but these frequently asked questions should be checked first so you have a clear idea of what will be involved.

For scholars, Religious and other ministers enquiring about sabbatical stays, see this dedicated page: sabbatical opportunities

Fees and funding

  • Students from European Union countries are admitted with the same fees and funding as for UK applicants.
  • International student fees are set by the awarding universities. It is our normal practice to provide bursaries for good applicants from developing countries. Please check our information on bursaries.


  • Students from EU countries do not need visas for study in the UK.
  • All other students will need to apply for a visa to study in the UK. Before you can apply for a visa you will need to have:
    • Applied and been accepted onto your chosen course
    • Received a formal letter of acceptance from the awarding university along with a letter of admission from the Institute with information about residency and any bursary (where relevant)
  • You will also need to demonstrate that you have the funds to support your period of study in the UK
  • Visa requirements mean that you will need to allow a good six months between application and the start of the academic year. Applications should be made no later than 1 March of the year of study, and you are advised to arrive in Cambridge in the middle of September.