Kate Finnegan

Kate is from Northern Ireland. She studied the Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies.

After studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, I was looking for something to fill a gap year. As soon as I heard about Margaret Beaufort, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I went to the Institute in 2003 and my year there was absolutely wonderful.

Living at 12 Grange Road was a journey in itself – with conversations and music and silence revolving around the kitchen, sitting room, chapel and library as appropriate. I learnt so much from people who were truly living out their faith in their everyday lives.

Study was always intermingled with prayer, and I found the riches of the Bible and the Catholic Church were made accessible to me in a way that I had thought impossible. In our Thursday study sessions, we read from the Saints’ writings, explored the theology of the Eucharist, and were able to ask questions in a safe environment.

Since leaving the Institute, my path has been a much richer and more exciting one as a consequence of my experiences. I qualified as a solicitor, and after a career change I am now working with the Sion Community for Evangelism, in the area of children’s spirituality.

I do not know where the future leads, but I do know that my love of prayer, of the Church and of (attempting to!) live in community, has a lot to do with my year at MBIT. The Institute has helped me to follow God more closely, and to take the unique and scary decisions that lead to life in abundance.