Katrina Avery

Katrina is British. She studied for the Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh).

My background is nothing if not varied. After gaining a BA in Performing Arts from the University of Kent, I trained as a Barrister. I’ve also worked for CAFOD (Catholic overseas aid agency), been an Adviser at the Nurses Welfare Service, and been a Music Administrator at Westminster Cathedral, among others. I chose Margaret Beaufort because it provided challenging courses and a unique environment for a Catholic woman – and because Cambridge is an amazing place to study.

Studying at the Institute was a very deep and enriching experience, even though I didn’t find it particularly easy. Working with the Scriptures and theological concepts every day for three years proved a huge challenge not just intellectually, but spiritually, emotionally and socially as well. There wasn’t one area of my life God was going to leave untouched!

In the six years since completing my studies, I have found that this time provided me with an immense source of knowledge, experience and maturing of faith upon which to draw in all sorts of situations.

I currently work as Pastoral Support Coordinator for the RC Diocese of Arundel & Brighton, coordinating the eight Advisers on the Diocesan Pastoral Team, and facilitating the Bishop’s Diocesan Pastoral Council. My time at Margaret Beaufort gave me a good grounding in all aspects of pastoral theology – and the confidence to share and develop my knowledge.