Sister Caroline Nkoberanyi

Sister Caroline Nkoberanyi

Caroline is from Uganda, and is studying for the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology.

Many people who contemplate studying in foreign countries are haunted with uncertainties. Coming to the UK for the first time, I too had my anxieties, mostly about interpersonal relationships.

I belong to a religious community of the Daughters of Mary (Bannabikira) in my native country of Uganda. I work in St. Augustine University of Tanzania as a lecturer in Philosophy and Social Ethics, and have a Licentiate degree in Biblical Theology. Through the Margaret Beaufort Institute I was offered a scholarship to pursue a Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology, and this is how I came to reside at the institute.

My experience, both as a student and a woman of faith, has been an enriching one. I have not only benefited academically, but I have also had valuable social exposure. Here there are opportunities to build communal relationships and to live independently, and for me this is a wonderful combination. The presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the house is also a singular blessing.

These experiences have nullified my fears and made me more self-confident and sociable. So, for anyone given an opportunity to study theology, Margaret Beaufort Institute is the best place; it is a home from home.