Sister Genoveva Dumay

Sister Genoveva Dumay

Genny is a Filippino Good Shepherd Sister, with an MA in Religious Studies.

In my country, I have been involved in pastoral community work among grassroots people – indigenous and marginalized women. I also taught part-time in a theological school, and am a member of EATWOT, an ecumenical association of Third World theologians. After over 15 years in ministry, I decided to take stock of my experiences with a refresher course, and I thank the Institute for giving me the opportunity to study for an MA in Pastoral Theology.

I share the Institute’s belief that women and the laity have so much to contribute to the growth, vibrancy and transformation of the Church in these times. Soon I’ll be going back to share this approach among my own people.

Coming from a very Catholic country, I am awed and inspired by the creative ecumenical action taken by the different faiths – Christian, Muslim and Jewish. It has been enriching to be part of this federation, sharing our academic classes and pastoral skills training, as well as meals, liturgies and other celebrations.

Life in the Institute is lived in generous communion with others. We all come from different places and cultures, and my year has been like a banquet blessed with a wealth of experiences, talents and lives. Listening to the story of Catholicism here, and how Catholics sustained their faith through persecution, has inspired me to continue this rich heritage of deep, persevering faith, now expressed creatively and concretely in our globalized world.