Dr Christine Lai
Research Associate
Email: christinetclai@gmail.com

As a practical theological research, this is the first phase of a three-year project studying spirituality of aging from intercultural and interfaith perspectives. For this phase, the title is designated as: An exploratory study of the spiritual journey of ageing Christian professionals in Hong Kong Chinese context. It is a continuation of my Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (DProf) after having explored the transformation of midlife Christian professionals in Hong Kong through a spiritual practice model which I designed. Basing on the outcomes of this doctoral study, I am now moving on to investigate the spiritual journey of ageing from interfaith and intercultural perspectives. One of the issues which I will closely look at is, for example, is how the Chinese family bondage and cultural values coming together with Christian faith may have create special strength in the ageing journey?

Adopting a qualitative approach to study the spiritual journey of ageing of Chinese professionals in Hong Kong in the context of the meeting of Christian Spirituality with Confucianism and Buddhism, this research will focus on studying the voices of those Christian professionals who are pursuing their life goal in the journey of ageing. The targeted informants are the devoted Christians at age around 70s and above who have accomplished in their professional or academic fields and drawing on resources of spirituality in the intercultural and interfaith context of Hong Kong.

Research goals in 2020

Research goals in the first year include:

  • Establish the foundation of the research and conceptual framework by a comprehensive review on literature and concepts including local, east and west resources
  • Design the whole research process
  • Identify the potential targeted research informants
  • Explore the potential partners who are interested in similar area and provide insight, practice or resources to enrich the research

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