Dr Liam Hayes
Research Fellows
Email: lhayes@cafod.org.uk

Liam will join MBIT as a Silver Jubilee Fellow for the academic year of 2018/19. He completed his PhD at Heythrop College in 2017. Within his thesis, his own empirical research that engaged 721 participants, explored the influence of faith, Church teaching and experience upon the moral choices of Catholics in England and Wales. He concluded that the ecclesial community carries a significant tutoring role in shaping, nurturing and informing the moral reasoning and discernment of contemporary Catholics.

At MBIT Liam wishes to further explore the specific nature and influence of this tutoring role of the ecclesial community upon moral discernment and how it extends to, or is contingent upon, its constitutive practices. In particular he wants to examine whether the tutoring influence of the ecclesial community is contingent upon its particular shape, character and expression and its constitutive practices, that include its wider liturgical life and the character of its ecclesial relationships.

He plans to publish two articles from the research in academic journals during the year, and two articles for pastoral publications, such as The Tablet and The Pastoral Review. He aims to prepare an evaluation report for the parish community and host a parish evening to share the fruits of the report for further discussion, discernment and planning. And, he plans to prepare a similar report for the Bishop Brentwood Diocese and the steering group of the Diocesan Renewal Programme.

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