Dr Melanie-Prejean Sullivan
Research Associate

Melanie is joining MBIT as a research associate in 2018–2019 to work on a book project, 'Why do you Stay? From Catholic Campus Minister to Interfaith Chaplain'. Melanie is a recently retired Catholic campus minister has been asked “Why do you stay?” by Catholic students (especially women) repeatedly, over the past twenty years.  The book explores her responses as part memoir and part resource manual, considering facets of campus ministry which happen to be the same reasons she has remained a Catholic. Topics include the call to ministry, sacramental presence, the tradition of prayer and contemplation, mentors for discernment, and her interpretation of Nostra Aetate as invitation to engage intentionally in interfaith work. It includes suggestions for growing and maintaining effective campus ministry programs on limited budgets, a collection of prayers written for various needs and occasions on campus, retreat ideas, interfaith initiatives, and an analysis of a four-year study of how individuals from various fields discerned their vocations.

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