Postgraduate research degrees

Research degrees are also a possible avenue of study in association with MBIT. MPhil and PhD degrees are available through our validating relationship with Anglia Ruskin University and are run with Federation supervisors. We at MBIT are your first stop for applying to these degrees.

One exciting option is the Professional Doctorate, with Anglia Ruskin University which is aimed at the ‘researching professional’. It is of particular interest to practitioners and professionals who want to research a question to contribute to the community of practice in their own profession or voluntary work. The programme is aimed at those interested in relating theological, ethical and spiritual insights and methods to their own professional and/or voluntary practice. Participants need not necessarily have a faith-commitment, but they should be interested in the role of religion, theology and ethics in forging action-directing world views.

In addition, you can also apply to University of Cambridge degree programmes, which include a taught MPhil degree, and research PhDs. This will include a direct application to the University of Cambridge Divinity Faculty, subject to their admissions criteria.

For these applications it is important to note that you will need a Faculty supervisor in addition to any in-house programmes for researchers at MBIT. Applicants should have a clear field for research and be in a position to fund themselves before making an application.