Fellowships and Associates


We have a number of researchers formally employed by the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, through identified funding for a particular project of research that is congruent with the goals of the Institute. These researchers are usually post-doctoral and are taken on for periods specified by the funding of the project.


In addition to our own, grant-funded research work, Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology seeks to nourish the public discourse in areas of religion, faith and society, especially with respect to the contribution of women. A key provision of that goal is to offer formal links with researchers in areas important to the work of the Institute, such as education, ministry and diverse disciplines of theology.

The Institute therefore offers an annual application round for the role of non-stipendiary Research Associate. The researcher will be provided with a formal institutional connection, providing a locus for research, a forum in which it can be shared at research events throughout the year, and access to the libraries of the Cambridge Theological Federation. In particular, at the end of each year, Research Associates will be invited to share the fruits of their year of work at a summer event at Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, giving all Associates an opportunity to share their successes, and enrich their thinking through hearing from their colleagues.

Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology appoints up to three Associates in any given application year and would not expect to have more than seven associates at any one time.