Staying Connected

We hope that staying connected is something that our alumnae will want to do as much as we do. Relationships don’t cease with graduation or completion of a programme and we want you to think of the Institute as a true ‘alma mater’, a place that you can claim as home and a source of renewal from time to time.

Of course it’s people, not bricks and mortar, who make connections live and so we are inviting you to stay connected by registering with our Association for Past Students. At the Institute we are always very keen to hear your news and to keep our records up to date. Our Administrator Ela Wolbek would love to hear from you if you have news.

Keep in touch
Remember that you are the fruits of the Institute! Sometimes the Institute needs to be able to give an account of itself, to sponsors, to the wider Church, for fundraising and for inspections by the Cambridge Theological Federation. Personal stories are the most effective way to communicate what the Institute does and what lay women are doing as educated women of faith. If you have struggled to find a place to live out your vocation, we want to hear about that too and to support you with prayer.

An alumnae day is organised every two years involving a Saturday with a Friday evening social gathering for those who can make it. The event includes ‘catch-up time’, some theological input, discussion, a formal report on the Institute from the Principal and alumnae members involved in its governance, and Mass.

Alumnae are always welcome to book the Institute guest room and stay for a night or two at a reduced rate. Simply let the House Manager know that you are an alumna of the Institute and want to visit. And you are always welcome for Thursday Mass and supper during term-time.

We look forward to meeting you again some time soon.